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Bone Marrow Concentration System

A superior regenerative treatment

Concemo® is an optimized Point-of-Care system for bone marrow (BM) processing based on a differential centrifugation that requires minimal manipulation.

The resulting bone marrow concentrate product (BMC) is a high viability cell concentrate rich in adult stem cells of different lineages (mesenchymal, hematopoietic and endothelial) and platelets, with a high regenerative, mitogenic, angiogenic and immunomodulatory potential.

Scientific evidence has shown that its use as a single or complementary regenerative therapy catalyzes the biological repair processes through the formation of neotissues which structural and functional characteristics are similar to the original ones, allowing a better and faster recovery of the patient.

“No doubt that it’s easy to do a good job with this very simple to learn procedure”

Nurse Maribel Jiménez Tineo (Spain)


The entire process in a single kit: BMC and PRP


Closed, sterile, single-use system


20 min approx. from aspiration to application


For the medical team, for the health unit and for the patient

Detail Determines the Quality of the Process


Vacuum syringe (30ml)
Optimized aspiration and anticoagulation

  • Adjustable vacuum mode: automatic (anti-fatigue) or manual
  • Flexible connector for an immediate anticoagulation

Concemo® Trocar
Ergonomic & robust: controlled drilling

  • 10cm x 3mm Ø cannula
  • Scale in centimeters
  • Depth limiter
  • 2 sharp-tip stylets
  • 1 blunt-tip stylet