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PRP system for Orthopedic applications

Reproductible quality

The patented technology Proteal® obtains a PRP with unique features, for unique results. Ortho.pras®+ is a inimitable and versatile system that allows the selection of:

  • PRP, PPP or Total Plasma
  • 4ml of PRP with a [2,2 + 0,4] x the baseline concentration/ml
  • >LP-PRP (Leukocytes reduced by 99,1%)
  • LR-PRP (LP-PRP + Buffy Coat)
  • Highly purified PRP (Red Blood Cells reduced by 99,6%)
  • Excellent platelets recovery rate (up to 79,6%)
  • Platelets without self-activation or function change. The PRP preserves all its platelet and plasmatic growth factors, besides other proteins and bioactive elements.


Bone Marrow concentration system

A superior regenerative treatment

Concemo® is an optimized Point-of-Care system for bone marrow (BM) processing based on a differential centrifugation that requires minimal manipulation.

The resulting bone marrow concentrate product (BMC) is a high viability cell concentrate rich in adult stem cells of different lineages (mesenchymal, hematopoietic and endothelial) and platelets, with a high regenerative, mitogenic, angiogenic and immunomodulatory potential.

Scientific evidence has shown that its use as a single or complementary regenerative therapy catalyzes the biological repair processes through the formation of neotissues which structural and functional characteristics are similar to the original ones, allowing a better and faster recovery of the patient.


Ceramic Bone Matrix

Exceptional osseointegration and conductivity

Graftag® TCP is a synthetic matrix of tricalcium phosphate (99.9%) with an interconnected micro-porosity that simulates the native bone trabecular structure. Its osteoconductive properties facilitate cell colonization and differentiation, as well as all the processes destined to the formation of new bone and osteintegration.

Graftag® TCP is specially designed to be mixed with PRP and / or BMC, enhancing osteogenesis.

Bioactive filling of bone defects


Cell Concentration Device

PRP, Bone Marrow and Adipose concentrate in the Point-of-care

One single device processes different types of tissues. Its Cells emotion® technology allows you to get the most out of the biological and therapeutic potential of your patient’s cells.

Proven technology

Based on 4 main features:

  • Single differential soft centrifugation
  • Swinging Bucket rotor
  • Specific triphasic cycle
  • Minimum processing time